Joe Joyce Robbed Of Olympic Gold

Topping off an Olympic games fraught with controversial boxing decisions Joe Joyce loses out to Tony Yoka in the Mens Super Heavyweight final.

Despite pushing the pace from the start with a tremendous work-rate to the body and head two judges gave the first round to Yoka who seemed content to cover up and throw single shots in return.

Round two was perhaps the Frenchman’s best round of the fight landing some crisp straight shots on Joyce who continued to March down his opponent. However these were few and far between as the Brit continued landing with high volume to the head and body.

Needing a knockout the 30 year old came out swinging. It was more of the same throughout the round as Joyce outworked and out punched his opponent as he failed to get the credit from the judges.

To the bemusement of the crowd, Frenchman Tony Yoka was awarded the Olympic Super Heavyweight title by split decision.

It was a peculiar decision which many speculated had been predetermined in order to fulfill the story of an engaged Olympic couple both winning gold:



Tony Yoka and fiance Estelle Mossely

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