Dale Evans wins British title eliminator in five round war.


Dale Evans secures his shot at the British welterweight title with a fifth round stoppage over Mike Towell.

The atmosphere was ablaze as chants of ‘There’s only one Mike Towell’ rang out. The theme continued as the fight quickly caught fire in round one.

The Welshman came out swinging, digging hard shots to the body and countering with the hook, against a slightly too relaxed Towell. Iron Mike continued marching forward landing a flush right hook behind the jab, but was dropped to his knees by a left hook counter.

The Scotsman came back with a vengeance in the second round, pressing the attack from the start. Pinning Evans against the ropes, he was landing at will to the head and body but Evans showed his resilience.

Towell again pressed the attack in the following round wobbling his opponent in the corner with a right uppercut. Evans looked to have lost some of his earlier steam as he returned to his corner with a bloodied nose.

The man from Dundee was beginning to enjoy himself slipping shots with his hands low. He nearly paid the price however as he caught a couple of counters flush proving Evans still dangerous. Ultimately however Towell appeared the fresher, stronger of the two bullying his opponent back and landing heavy right hooks.

Evans, marked up around the left eye bleeding from the nose found the answer in round five, as his opponent was sent crashing backwards into the corner canvas. Iron Mike Towell lived up to his name picking himself up from the floor but the finish was in sight. Evans steamed forward with a barrage of shots and the referee was quick to stop the fight as there was no reply from Towell.

This was an action packed fight from start to finish and a tremendous advertisement for further televised fights in Scotland.


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