Dillian Whyte Wins British Title As Lewison Pulled Out After Round 10

Dillian Whyte is now the British Heavyweight champion after Ian Lewison is retired by his corner at the end of round ten.

It was apparent from the opening that Whyte was the better conditioned man as he looked leaner and slimmer than his 35 year old opponent. However from round one Lewison looked to use his obvious weight advantage marching forward pushing Dillian back as he swung wildly after slipping the jab.

However this success was short lived as the 28 year old sharpened up behind the jab. Tactically Whyte took the power off his punches landing lightly but often as Lewison winged away with solid power punches that missed the target.

Lewison looked dangerous throughout but began to slow round by round as his opponent began to break him down. The Bodysnatcher lived up to his name as he switched the attack to the body, with disguised hard shots behind a light jab.

In round eight Lewison started to show marking under each eye as Whyte continued to pepper him with jabs. Dillian broke his opponents nose and will in round ten with an uppercut. Lewison began to blow from his nose and turn away in discomfort as blood smeared across his face. He did well to survive the round as whyte pilled on the pressure but trainer Don Charles had seen enough pulling him out after the bell.


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