Scotty Cardle Back With A Bang Stopping Hooper In 6

Scotty Cardle hangs on to his British Lightweight title with a sixth round stoppage over Kevin Hooper in Glasgow.

After suffering cuts in his last four fights it was evident from the start that Cardle had worked on rectifying the situation. From round one the 27 year old was illusive with the head slipping shots and countering his stiff opponent.

More of the same followed as Cardle looked the sharper and better schooled fighter throughout. Hooper had a glimpse of success in round five as he landed a left-right combination snapping his opponents head back.

However Scotty soon made him pay for it targeting the body making the Grimbsby man wince and cover up in the corner.

He was able to survive the round but Cardle sensed the finish. The British champion landed a strong right hook which buckled the 32 year old. Cardle sprang to action unleashing shots on Hooper who covered up against the ropes. A left and a right hook behind the guard closed the show as the referee jumped in to stop further punishment.


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