Scott Allan wins every round against late replacement Sergey Tasimov

Bantamweight Scott Allan deals with his late replacement opponent in style winning every round over eight.

The Scotsman made a cautious start, careful not to rush his work against his awkward opponent. Slipping as he moved forward the ‘Title Taker’ whipped in counter hooks and uppercuts to the ever mobile Tasimov.

It was evident from the opening bell that the superior strength lay with Allan. He looked determined to finish his opponent inside the distance but the knockout alluded him. This eagerness may very well have cost him the much desired finish. The 24 year old was at times guilty of loading up too heavily on shots allowing his opponent to slip away.

The visibly older Sergey Tasimov started to feel the pressure in the second half of the fight. He had certainly done some hard laps around the ring in an effort to evade the onslaught. However the 41 year old veteran showed his resilience – shaking off some dangerous moments to survive the fight.

“He was a tough, tough character. I hit him with everything but the kitchen sink and he still stayed on his feet” Said Scott Allan.

Tasimov was a poor replacement for the much anticipated rematch between Scott Allan and Scott McCormack. However the Scottish champion proved he can adapt to an awkward late replacement and dominate them from start to finish.


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