Bradley Skeete dominates with one hand to defend British title

Bradley Skeete retains his British welterweight title via unanimous decision against John Thain whilst using one hand:

“My last few spars I damaged my right thumb” said Skeete after his victory

The fight looked from the start the cagey affair it was always speculated to be. Much the rarity for Skeete he did not tower in height over his six foot opponent. Both men looked to work from the centre at mid-range behind the jab. The opening four rounds going tit for tat.

However the Englishman began to pull away on the score cards with cute boxing skills. The champion was slightly better in every department. First to the jab, and allusive with the feet Skeete controlled the pace and distance. Try as he may Thain was marginally slower on the attack, being out-jabbed from distance and countered when coming forward.

Thain began to show signs of damage adding a cut to the eye in round nine to an already bloody mouth. Ultimately the Londoner was too precise, too fast and had too much control over the challenger and he was able to win one handed. Skeete now moves to 24-1.








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