Ryan Collins Vs Charlie Flynn – The Railman against The Mailman

“It’s on!!! The Railman v The Mailman” quipped Collins after breaking the news on Facebook. The railway worker expressed his delight over finally securing the spine tingling matchup:

“(it is) a fight I’ve chased for a while & one which makes the hairs on my back stand up”.

The Irvine based boxer will have the chance to add a Celtic title to his collection under the gaze of the Sky Sports viewers. The former British Masters super featherweight and Scottish lightweight champion takes on Flynn on the Ricky Burns Vs Julius Indongo undercard.

The man they call Electric is in for a stiff challenge facing amateur standout and 2014 Commonwealth games champion Charlie Flynn. The nimble footed amateur star has an excellent array of punches in his arsenal and will enjoy status as the favourite.  However Collins embraces the underdog status in his determination to silence the doubters:

“(I am) more than confident that I will upset the applecart and bring the title back to Ayrshire”.

After fifteen fights the 23 year old is a mature professional. This will play in his advantage against his opponent who has yet to go past six rounds in his eight fight career. Ryan will no doubt try and use his aggression, strength and experience to outman his slickster opponent. The fight may well come down to skill versus will, a la the bull vs the matador.

Whatever happens, this all Scottish match-up sure is intriguing.


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