Noble Art of the Warrior – Boxing Poem

The noble art

But where do I start


The hardest game of all

With Such beauty in the violence

Where hero’s rise or fall

Through the cheers and through the silence


Away from all the lights

The fighter pounds the pavement

Just trying to reach the heights

Wondering where his life went


For sacrifice is key

No time for socializing

On the road to victory

Building speed that’s memorizing


Through blood and all the sweat

Toiling through the pain

Missed chances of regret

But it’s worth it for the gain


For nothing beats the thrill

Of the barbarity of battle

And testing out your will

As your nerves begin to rattle


Pitting all their hopes

Of glory in the ring

As they climb through the ropes

And give their – everything


To have their performance praised

As they empty out the tank

To have their hands raised

To call them self the champ





Jamie Glover










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