Charlie Flynn Vs Ryan Collins – An Unsatisfying Ending

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth games hero Charlie Flynn fails in his quest to win his first professional title. The fight broadcast live on Facebook came to a disappointing end in round three after Flynn was cut via accidental head-butt.


The fight for the Celtic Lightweight title was certainly living up to the hype with a fast pace from the opener. Collins bolstered by his travelling legion of cheering fans was busy from the start with the jab. However Flynn pinched the opener as he targeted the body with accuracy.


The pace only picked up in the second as both men went through the gears. Newarthill native Flynn started to put the combinations together firing successions of straight, simple punches. Whereas the man from Irvine started to sit down on his punches throwing power shots. Again the Mailman won the second round by accuracy and boxing skills but his opponent was getting closer with those counter hooks.


The unfortunate end came in the third after both men came forward to exchange punches clashing heads. Flynn came off the worse in the exchange as blood oozed out of the cut, leaving the doctor with no choice but to stop the fight.  Ultimately this lost him the title and his unblemished record and left the fans baying for more.



Though it was an unsavoury end, the rematch may be even bigger, as many questions remain unanswered. A small preview of the fight showed how entertaining the fight could be, and I would certainly pay to see it again.


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