Ricky Burns Valiant in Defeat To Julius Indongo

“The better man won, no excuses he was so awkward” Said Ricky Burns post fight


This pretty much sums up the story of the fight as the taller awkward Indongo bullied the fight from start to finish.


Though both Sky Sports and Boxrec stats put Burns and Indongo only an inch apart in height it was obviously from the start, there was a series gulf in height and reach. The Namibians freakishly large body towered over the Scotsman and his arms seemed disproportionately long. The normal frailties of a tall thin fighter were absent, as Indigo’S Hearns esq physique and snap troubled his opponent from the opener.


The IBF Super Lightweight champion was at times comically wild coming forward but was allowed to do so by Burns reluctance to trade. When not pressing and bullying the fight the ‘Blue Machine’ used his length to box behind a long jab, and short right hook counter. Rickster tried valiantly to adapt, outthink, and outfight the travelling champion but came up short in every department. The Scot showed great courage and did well to make the final bell. As the man from Coatbridge concluded he was just the better man on the night.


However, put all thoughts aside of retirement as Burns was defiant in defeat:


“Here we go again I’m going to have all the doubters – aww Ricky’s finished and that, but me and tony will sit down with Eddie and we’ll work out what’s next. But definitely I’ll come again”


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