Anthony Crolla Decisions Ricky Burns

Anthony Crolla wins a tough fought unanimous decision over Ricky Burns, to set up potential world title fights.

The old rivalry of Scotland vs England was on show again as two battle hardened fighters came together for British pride, and a chance at further glory. Both men recently lost their world titles, and a win would put them on the ascendancy in earning a title shot.

From the start the fight looked like it was always going to. The taller upright boxer Burns boxing from range, and the smaller compact Crolla closing the gap. The opening two rounds went to script, especially for the Scotsman who made Crolla miss and boxed him from range behind the jab. However he forgot his fundamental advantages of range and movement letting the smaller fighter close the gap.

The Englishman was made to miss with head shots, diving in with jabs out of range, and hitting gloves with the hooks. However he found success to the body, unleashing combinations to the rib area. These body shots may have slowed the older fighter as his movement was decreasing round by round.

Burns began to throw away his tactics to disastrous affect – trading body shots and punches inside, with the shorter more accomplished inside fighter. Crolla took full advantage by ripping shots to the body. Round by round Crolla won hard fought close rounds, steadily building a point’s lead to victory.

Ultimately the fight was messy, tit for tat and hard to watch and Hearn would do well to scrap any plans of a rematch. The result nicely sets up and all Manchester clash between Anthony Crolla and Terry Flannigan for the WBO lightweight crown. If Warren and Hearn can work together this could be a cracking clash, and one Crolla could win. However the remaining champions would make short work of Crolla after this performance.


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