Lewis Ritson rips British title from Robbie Barrett

Lewis Ritson is the new British lightweight champion after delivering a punishing 7th round stoppage against the outgunned Robbie Barrett:

“I felt a bit sorry for Robbie because after that first round I knew he couldn’t hurt us” said Ritson post fight.

This was very much the theme of the fight from the opening bell. Ritson took to the front foot from the opener, blocking shots as he came forward behind a tight guard. The defending champion had a cagey defensive start moving laterally from the outside. However these defensive tactics did nothing to stop the accuracy of the challenger as he connected with straight punches coming forward. The ‘Sandman’ was especially effective with the jab snapping the head back of his opponent. He cemented his dominance in punching power hurting the champion to close the round.

The action heated up in round two as the champion was dropped. Both fighters exchanged hooks but Barrett backed against the ropes came off worse with a right hook putting him on his back. The Yorkshireman got back to his feet and traded off against the challenger who unleashed a barrage of straight shots coming forward. The 25 year old showed true fighting heart in surviving the round.

Ritson continued to dominate with an impressively tight guard and stalking approach. He switched his attack up in round six and dropped the challenger this time to the body. Barrett got back to his feet but soon found the canvas again with another crushing body shot. Somehow however he found a way to fire back with combinations and survive the round.

The man from Newcastle finished the fight in round seven with a beautiful left uppercut to the body underneath the elbow. The champion took a knee but was saved from himself as the towel was thrown by the corner.


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