George Groves Survives A Shaky Start To Set Up Fight With Eubank Jr

George Groves fought off a tough challenge to retain his WBA Super Middleweight title, and book his place in the World Boxing Super Series semi-final. It looked like another upset was on the cards as Jamie Cox, despite being a huge underdog, had Groves in all kinds of trouble.

The fight began under a tremendous atmosphere, surrounding the colosseum esq boxing ring with rapturous noise, and sounds of the English brass band. The fight looked like it may not live up to the atmosphere as both men cautiously traded tit for tat jabs. However the fight erupted towards the end of the round with Cox hurting Groves, who covered up against the ropes to pinch the round.

Cox notably stepped up the pressure in round two, manoeuvring Groves towards the ropes and reigning continuous hooks down upon his opponent. The champion tried to get back to sharpshooting but was pressed against the ropes again towards the end of the round catching hooks.

The Londoner came back into it in round three, countering at range, and using his superior size to throw Cox aside when he was backed up. The end came in round four as the challenger became the victim of his own pressure. The number one seed in the tournament showed us why he is the champion, sinking a counter right body shot to the diaphragm of the challenger. The Swindon based fighter was unable to beat the count and drops out of the tournament.

“In the end I think it was a right hook to the body. Really slashed through, it’s a crippling shot, I don’t blame him for not getting up” Said George Groves post fight.

Chris Eubank was eagerly watching the fight ringside and will meet Groves in the Semi-final in another all British dust up. Groves was dismissive of the former middleweight branding him t0o small like Cox:

“I felt Jamie is a world class middleweight but he wasn’t going to beat me at super middleweight. The same can now be said for Chris Eubank, he’s just not big enough”.

However after viewing this fight Eubank will be filled with confidence. Groves again showed his old weaknesses – uncomfortable fighting inside, and tiring against a pressure fighter. Eubank is a much better inside fighter, with a relentless pace and incredible stamina. If Groves allows Eubank inside like he did against Cox he will be overwhelmed with pressure and may gas out early.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m the number one seed. I’m the champion” said Chris Eubank Jr after watching the fight

An intriguing match up awaits.


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