John Ryder destroys Patrick Nielson via 5th Round Stoppage

John Ryder turns in a career best performance to defeat Patrick Nielson.

Interestingly the man nicknamed ‘the Gorilla’ was dwarfed by his opponent. However the Englishman made this work in his favour, ducking low, and slipping shots using the shoulder roll technique. Try as he may after a few early southpaw jab exchanges the Dane could not land anything significant.

Ryder dropped Neilson heavily at the end of the second round with a thunderous right hook. Nielson did well to get to his feet but he was visibly shaken as he strode of into the wrong corner. In round three Ryder went for the stoppage but Neilson showed tremendous recuperative abilities looking strong on his feet. The 29 year old went back to boxing behind his jab, countering underneath the sluggish attempts of his opponent.

The brutal end came in round five. Ryder sent Nielson’s mouth guard flying with a right hook, and laid him out with a follow up straight left, right uppercut combination. John Ryder ultimately turned in a career best performance and strategy to defeat the highly rated Patrick Nielson.


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