Joe Joyce Breaks Ian Lewison Down for TKO In Round Eight

Joe Joyce defeats Ian ‘Lights out’ Lewison in pro debut.

In round one it looked like Hayemaker promotions may have made a mistake choosing Ian Lewison as Joyce’s first opponent. The crouched looping power shots of Lewison, were trimming the whiskers of the dangerously stiff and upright debutant. However boxing fundamentals won a close opener as Joyce continuously pumped the jab into his opponents face.

However Lewison quickly began to tire under a constant ram rod jab, and slowly became less dangerous. From round four onwards he began to visibly mark up under the eyes. He did well to survive as ‘Juggernaut’ lived up to his name mixing in power combination with the ever present jab.

‘Lights out’ was sent staggering against the ropes with a left uppercut, right hook in round eight and the towel came in to stop the lights going out on Lewison.

Overall it was a fairly impressive/risky win for Joe Joyce but his vulnerabilities were on show. Although his punch output is excellent, he throws his shots very slowly and stiffly. Furthermore his upright immobile head is asking for a counter punch. An elusive power punches such as his promoter David Haye, would be highly problematic against this style.


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