Michael Venom Page KO’s Badly Overmatched Opponent

Mixed martial arts star Michael Venom Page begins his boxing career with a bang after a third round stoppage.

In truth the fight was always going to be easy, as the much hyped ‘Venom’ towered over the fleshy Spaniard. With only two wins to his 14 fights, Castano was obviously outgunned from the start. Page an evident counter puncher was forced to engage with his opponent, throwing awkward punches from a low handed guard. Castano looked set to try and survive the fight covering up and not engaging at all.

Round two was more lively, as the journeyman chose to switch tactics and come forward. Although this was highly ineffective this highlighted his opponent’s inability to fight inside as a boxer. The Englishman showed excellent potential with solid foot movement and corkscrew/angled shots from unconventional angles. However he was throwing punches from the arm and not from the legs which seemed to highlight a lack of power. Page would do well to watch Naseem Hamed and how he used his legs to launch attacks to get the knockout. The light arm punches so effective using the smaller mma gloves will not transfer to knockouts in the heavier boxing gloves.

Round three was much the same and it looked like Page may cruise to a point’s victory over four. However the finished lived up to the hype as he caught Castano flush against the ropes. The launching lead right hand from an unorthodox orthodox stance snapped his head back and sent him crashing to the canvas. The referee was quick to wave it off to save the mismatches Spaniard.

In all, the fight taught us very little. Michael Venom Page certainly has the talent and attributes to make the switch from mma to boxing. However without a half decent opponent, it is impossible to see if the awkward style can be effective in the boxing world. It was also distasteful to see ‘Venom’ showboating against an out of his depth opponent. There is no pride in humiliating an opponent brought over to pad a record.


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