Jason Easton Wins Every Round In Defending His IBO Intercontinental Title.

In a battle of the undefeated, it was Scotsman Jason Easton who came out on top. It was a hard night’s work for Josef Zahradnik, as he was systematically broken down round by round. Although out smarted, out skilled, and outgunned, the Czech showed incredible toughness to survive the fight.

“In every aspect of the game there, I was beating him” said the champion post fight.

The first round was a fairly even affair as Zahradnik slipped and countered the long levers of Easton going to the body. However he caught a couple of big right hands which lost him a close opener.

However the strength of the bigger fighter started to show as the Scotsman walked through his opponent with stiff right and left hands. Try as he may the challenger could not land his counter punches. He seemed to get frustrated that his slick skills, which had served him so well in the past were not affective.

The first bit of drama in the fight came in round five as the Edinburgh native was badly cut by a head clash. This spurred both fighters into action, Zahradnik seemingly growing in confidence but Easton going for the knockout. The 31 year old showed his resilience to come by surviving a barrage of shots.

The cut eye was a grim sight and it looked like the doctor may intervene, but the 26 year old kept his composure. He boxed behind basic fundamentals – straight shots and a high guard to give the cut a chance to heal.

After instruction from his corner Easton stepped up the pace in round nine. He pushed his opponent back towards the ropes throwing a flurry of straight punches. It again seemed like the challenger was on the verge of being stopped, marked up and taking a series of combinations. However he rallied back to survive.

“Fair play to Josef Zahradnik. Tough boy, he’s unbeaten for a reason and he came and gave it a go. So… respect to him” Said the Scotsman.

Well ahead on the scorecards Jason Easton admirably went for the stoppage in the final round. He caught Zahradnik with some solid right hands and left hooks, but again the opposition showed tremendous courage, brushing the shots off.

Ultimately Easton was dominant from start to finish. Josef Zahradnik showed impressive courage but was comprehensively out boxed and battered throughout.


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