Greatest Fighters of Every Combat Sport: Part 2

Best Thai Boxer – Samart Payakaroon


Samart Payakaroon AKA Samart Tiptarmai is largely known as the greatest Muay Thai fighter of all time. He is a 4x Champion of Lumpinee Stadium at 4 separate weight divisions. He competed during one of the golden ages of Muay Thai and defeated countless elite level fighters. During this era he won Sports Writers of Thailand fighter of the year 3 times. Payakaroon had a rangy defensive style were he would react to punches, pulling back, slipping and countering with punches and kicks to bamboozle opponents. His ring IQ, sense of distance and timing was second to none. His final record was 150 fights, 129 wins, 19 losses and 2 draws.

Samart Payakaroon was also one of the few Muay Thai fighters to successfully transfer into the world of boxing. He became WBC junior featherweight champion and had a professional boxing career of 23 fights, 21 fights and 2 losses.

Best Judoka – Tadahiro Nomura


Japanese judoka Tadahiro Nomura is the most decorated judo fighter of all time. Competing out of the extra lightweight division he won 3x Olympic gold medals back to back. He is the only person to achieve this feat in the sport. He also won world championship gold and bronze medals.

Best Taekwondo Fighter – Steven Lopez


There is no denying that Nicaraguan born American, Steven Lopez is the greatest Taekwondo fighter of all time. He won Olympic gold twice in 2 separate weight divisions and a bronze Olympic medal. Lopez also won 5 world championship gold medals and a junior world championship gold. He also won 2x Pan American games championships and 2x Pan American championships.

Best Kickboxer – Ernesto Hoost


Ernesto Hoost is considered by many as the greatest kick boxer of all time. He became a k1 world champion 4 times. He was also Black Belt Magazine 2004 Full-Contact Fighter of the Year. “Mr Pefect” had a career record of 121 fights, 99 wins, 21 losses and 1 draw.

Hoose was a pressure fighting powerhouse known for his knockout power to the head, body, or legs with both kicks, and punches. He was also an extremely effective combination puncher bullying opponents on the inside.

Best Karate Fighter – Andy Hug


“The Blue Eyed Samurai” Andy Hug was one of the greatest all round fighters of all time. The 5th degree black belt Karate master is considered by many as the greatest Karate fighter of all time. The Swiss heavyweight won numerous accolades in his Karate career. This includes; World Cup gold, 4 Countries Team Tournament gold, 2x European Championship gold, 2x Ibusz Oyama Cup gold, Sursee Cup gold, 3x Swiss champion, Swiss Open gold, 2x Swiss Oyama Cup gold.

He then transferred these skills into K1 where he is also considered one of the greatest heavyweight kickboxers of all time. Hug was largely known for his exceptional axe kicks which were impressively fluid for a heavyweight.


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