Dominant Points Victory For Ross Murray



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Ross Murray is back to winning ways after his defeat to highly touted prospect Sunny Edwards. The Glasgow based flyweight boxed to an impressive point’s victory against Englishman Gary Reeve, at the Paisley Lagoon Leisure Centre. Here is how the fight played out.

Murray started the fight with relaxed composure. He moved well around the ring and picked off his shorter opponent from range. Reeve pressed forward and tried to counter with combinations of hooks, but was out of distance.

Round two was closer as Reeves started to find the range with his hooks inside. Murray took note and began to box again from range, behind a stiff snappy jab. He complimented this with strong right hands down the middle, and hooks behind the guard.

In round three Reeves again had some success inside with combinations of hooks. However it was clear that the Scotsman carried the advantage in power as he picked up the pace, and began to implement powerful uppercuts on the inside.

By round four it was clear that the Glaswegian could win the fight with ease boxing from distance. However he interspersed this counter punching from lateral movement with bullying tactics inside. He used his superior strength to rough up and win the exchanges inside, ultimately making the fight more exciting.

In the fifth round it was more of the same for Murray. However he started targeting the body more, which had the Englishman slowing down in pace.

In the final round the MTK Scotland fighter showed how easily he could have made it. He boxed long from range using lateral movement to pick his opponent apart. Overall it was a dominant performance by Ross Murray who now looks on to target titles.





Help keep kombat kaiser producing boxing news, updates and fight analysis.



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