Monty Ogilvie Now Undefeated In 6


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Monty Ogilvie improves his perfect winning record to six at the MTK Scotland Show – Evolution. It was a tricky night’s work for Ogilvie at the Paisley Lagoon leisure centre. He faced Ivan Godor, who had previously upset fellow MTK Scotland fighter Thomas Dickson.

The Scottish based fighter was quick off the mark with a fast jab often doubling it up to confuse the experienced journeyman. He also displayed impressive defensive skills, slipping shots and springing forth to counter.

In round two the Slovakian came off the marks aggressively. Though his shots were wild and awkward they were landing enough to secure the early part of the round. However Ogilvie came back with aggression of his own switching from the allusive head of his opponent to target the body. A number of strong body shots clinched the round for Ogilvie on my card but it could have gone either way.

Godor began to move more in round three. He threw shots from awkward unconventional angles making him hard to pin down. However the MTK Scotland fighter continued to press forward, pumping the jab. Although the jab, which had looked so impressive in round one was losing its accuracy. That being said I gave the round to Ogilvie for being the more committed aggressive of the two.

Round four was a good one for the home fighter. He landed a big left hook which had the away fighter rocked and wobbled against the ropes. Godor used every bit of his experience to move, hold and survive the round. However he was lucky to survive another big left hook towards the end.

Round five was fairly quiet. Ogilvie found his accuracy again with the jab and his opponent was happy to move and hold. A quiet yet convincing round for him

In the final round the 38 year old moved well but his head was continuously rocked back by the ever present jab of the English born Scotsman. The jab again was enough to win him the round. I had the fight as a clean shut out for Monty Ogilvie, but I could not argue with the judge giving Ivan Godor a round.


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