Shut Out Points Victory For Thomas Dickson


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Thomas Dickson opened up the MTK Scotland show at the Paisly Lagoon Leisure Centre, with a point’s victory over Naheem Chaudhry. The fight was a relatively quiet affair, but Dickson barely put a foot wrong in a routine four rounder.

Both fighters made a cautious start to the fight. Dickson was stalking forward the entire round trying to create openings, but Chaudhry was happy to move and cover up. Forgivably there was little action in the first round, but the Scotsman picked his opportunities to land accurately to clinch the round.

The pace picked up slightly in the second round as the 28 year old began to dig to the body of the mobile opponent. He also showed skilful head movement in dodging a succession of shots. However he failed to capitalise on these countering opportunities. Though, his aggression and accuracy won him the round.

The man from Livingston adapted to his opponents high guard and defensive style in round three. He threw long hooks which landed behind the gloves of Chaudhry. This clearly troubled him, and he was sparked into life by throwing counter punches. However these punches seemed more of a defensive strategy for the Englishman, who showed no real effort to win the round.

Mirroring the opener there was very little action in the final round. With Chaudhry trying counter and Dickson picking shots, it was tit for tat. I gave the final round to Chaudhry for landing a few accurate sneaky counters, but it was razor tight. I certainly could not argue with the final scorecard giving it to Thomas Dickson by shutout.


Help keep kombat kaiser producing boxing news, updates and fight analysis.



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