The first thing that drew me to these gloves was the price. Certainly you would be hard stretched to find a pair of genuine leather gloves for the low price tag of £34.99 at Olympia Fight Wear:


Or £37.99 from Tuf-Wears official site:



Upon receiving the gloves my initial reaction was that the gloves are far too small. I ordered the 12 oz gloves as a hybrid for light sparring and bag/pad work. However I believe the ultra-snug fight is a flaw with Tuf-Wear products in general other than a reflection on the lighter weight gloves. I have used 16 oz Tuf-Wear sparring gloves before and they had the same problem. These are the gloves in question:


What I found from the gloves is that they have a slightly bizarre shape. They are a product or what they are – a Thai boxing glove created by a boxing glove manufacturer. The design can’t quite decide whether they want to have the traditional rounded knuckle of a boxing glove or the flat knuckle and edge of a Muay Thai glove. I found that when using the punch bag, the odd shape caused straight punches to slip on contact. However despite the slightly flimsy feel the gloves offered good protection to the wrist and hands.

I give the gloves 5 out of 5 for price and value for money, 1 out of 5 for shape and size, 2 out of 5 for perceived durability, 3 out of 5 for protection. Overall the gloves are a good option for beginners, fitness enthusiast or those on a tight budget. However a fighter with large hands or someone that uses a lot of padding in their wraps would do well to look elsewhere if their budget allows them.

Overall 3 out of 5 for fitness enthusiasts that use little or no hand wrap padding. 2 out of 5 for serious fighters or those with big hands or padded wraps.



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