How to Spar For Beginners, Tip #2: Boxing


Not one style of fighting is the perfect style. A boxer may employ a low guard, high guard, shoulder roll, cross guard defence, peekaboo style, be a switch hitter, come forward fighter or a counter puncher. It really doesn’t matter, the only good style is an affective one. However at the beginner level it is very important to remember your schooling.

It is of course a perfect strategy in a fight to be unconventional, to trick and trap your opponent. However it takes experience to know when it is safe to bend the rules of what you have been taught, to create, and take advantage of openings. A fighter may drop their hands low, stick their chin in the air, or lay against the ropes to lure in and sneak attack their opponent. But trying these risky manoeuvres without the proper experience of reading a shot can leave you exposed for the knockout, or trapped against the ropes taking damage.

In their desperation to improve many beginners try too much of everything too quickly. They try and become a jack of all trades, trying to do everything. This leads to fighters becoming average at everything but a master of nothing. As Bruce Lee wisely stated:


It is much better to master the basics, listening to the advice and strategy of your coach. After time you can add elements of your own, to create a personal style of fighting, using your own knowledge, to develop your own strategy.

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