Michael Venom Page Beats Rickels Into Verbal Submission

Crowd favourite Michael Venom Page makes his opponent quit after a brutally perfect performance.

His opponent David Rickels brought some showmanship to his ring walk sporting grass skirt esq shorts with the name ‘Caveman’ imprinted. He bit the head off a fake snake and spit it out into the crowd. However this was the last bit of bite the 29 year old showed in the entire fight.

The ‘Caveman’ was quickly reduced to a cave mouse as MVP played with him with catlike disdain. Page’s time training as a pro boxer under Hayemaker promotions, certainly paid off as he bounced counter punch, after counterpunch off of Rickels face. He displayed masterful control over distance and marvellous footwork, leaving his opponent trying and failing to create anything. Rickels was dropped with a counter straight right hand. However MVP chose to laugh, pose and let his opponent get to his feet rather than close the show.

Page displayed his versatility to start round two with a fancy heel kick and left lead kick to the head. He then sprang forth with another counter right hand, opening a gruesome gash over the eye of his opponent. An outsmarted, outfought David Rickels used this as an opportunity to quit the fight waving the referee over. This was a punch and kick perfect fight for the Bellator star who barely took a shot during the whole match. He is now undefeated in 13 professional fights.

Michael Venom Page dedicated the fight to a family victim of the recent Florida shooting:

“I would like to just dedicate this fight to Helena Ramsey. I know a lot of people heard about the Florida shooting. My little cousin unfortunately died out there and got hit with a bullet, so I just want to dedicate this win to her”

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