No Joke Choke From Aaron Chalmers

Reality TV star Aaron Chalmers earns another explosive first round finish despite an early scare. The 163lbs catch weight fight started cagey, with both men reluctant to engage. It was Griffiths the smaller fighter who took the initiative, driving his opponent to the canvas. Chalmers then found himself pressed against the cage and charged to the ground once again. He rose to his feet catching a heavy left knee to the head in the process, followed by a couple of punches for good measure. Slightly wobbled, the Geordie fired back with punches of his own catching his opponent clean between his shots. Griffiths was dropped to the mat and the finish was in sight.

The Englishman put up very little resistance as the Geordie Shore star dragged him by the neck to his feet, into a standing guillotine. Ash Griffiths limbs went limp, as Chalmers tightened the squeeze to finish his opponent off in round one.

This was Griffith’s fourth consecutive first round loss, and fifth overall first round loss from six defeats within the distance. This was an impressive win for “The Joker” but he will need to fight more serious competition to avoid becoming like his namesake – a joke.

The victor had some choice words for his doubters post fight:
“If you don’t like it then fuck you. Simple as that. I’ve got the best team around us in England, Simple. Leon top 15, Fabian top 10 in England and Tom Breese and that’s it. And that’s why I’ve just put him away in the first round, once again”.

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