Ringside Pro Boxing Gloves Review

The first thing you notice about the gloves is the elegant design. The metallic sheen of the gloves, especially in the brighter colours really make these gloves stand out.

In terms of the fit these gloves are of exceptional quality. Unlike many other brands, ringside really understand the importance of space within the glove. Many manufacturers forget that fighters often heavily pad their wraps, to protect their hands. Meaning gloves are hard to get on and often ill-fitting which could lead to injury.

These ringside gloves however slide on with relative ease even with heavily padded hand wraps. Despite the space, the gloves fit snuggly and seem to wrap around the knuckle.

The gloves also offer impressive protection when hitting the heavy bag. There is no need to pull punches when using these gloves, a thick soft padding around the knuckle ensures a great deal of protection.

Originally I was disappointed with the £50 price tag for these non-leather gloves. There are many genuine leather gloves for the same price tag, so initially i was sceptical. However even though they are not leather, they far surpass the quality and durability of competitor of the same price such as:


Overall I am very impressed with these gloves, and would recomend them to beginners and professionals alike.

I managed to get a great deal with MADE 4 FIGHTERS for £34.99, for the less popular yellow gloves, available here:


Other coloured gloves of the same product can be found there, as well as the official website:

Synthetic Gloves



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