Lee McGregor claims the IBF Youth Bantanweight title via 4th Round KO


On paper Lee Mcgregor was taking a colossus step up in class against Goodluck Mrema. The three fight novice was going up against a 24 fight veteran, with only two losses. However, from the opening bell it was evident that the Scotsman was the real ringmaster of the two.

The taller Bantamweight quickly set about using his advantages behind a long jab. He used excellent head movement and a high guard to diffuse the wild swings of the African. The 21 year old combined this distance boxing with educated pressure, to bully and bamboozle his opponent.

Mrema started to unravel in round three after taking a succession of right hands. Sensing the finish, Mcgregor pushed the pace in the fourth, landing to the body and head. Mrema fought back to land his best shot of the fight, a solid left hook inside. However this success was short lived, as Mcgregor launched him across the ring with a left hook in return. With the 23 year old on the ropes, the Scotsman finished him off with a right hand, left-hook combination.

Speaking after the fight, the young fighter was delighted about picking up the title in only his fourth fight:
“That’s definitely the highlight of my boxing career. I’m so happy I got the win, and I think I did it in good fashion”

He also spoke about putting bad experiences behind him and forging forward to succeed:

“Last year was the worst year of my life, so 2018 is really going to be my year as you just said, having a little girl now and good things to come”

“I’ve got a family to provide for now so I’m so hungry for success, and I just wanna be a world champion and I’m gonna keep working until I get there”.



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