Mundane But Masterful Performance by Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury showed hints of his former self in a shutout point’s victory against Francesco Pianeta.

In round one Fury showed the kind of antics that drive fans to either loathe, or love him. In an ode to Muhammad Ali, he stayed in a corner holding the ropes with both hands, and slipped shots. From there he set the blueprint for the fight, and for victory. He tapped with the jab and chopped short hooks in round the guard of the challenger.

The ever awkward Tyson Fury had Pianeta bamboozled early on, as he was faced with an ever present, jerky, jabbing, giant. The former world title challenger looked increasingly deflated as he struggled to land anything.

In the mid rounds it looked like the German based Italian, was ready to be knocked out. In round six he made a meal out of a body shot claiming a low blow. This showed his deflated desire to fight, and should have inspired Fury’s killer instinct. However the ‘Gypsy King’ was happy to jib and jab his way to a point’s victory.

With the lack of aggression to go for the finish, there was speculation that Fury may have carried Pianeta. David Haye among others on the social sphere, pondered that the Brit, may not have wanted to scare Deontay Wilder away with a destructive performance.

Whatever the case may be, the lineal heavyweight champion of the world, kept a fight with Deontay Wilder alive with a masterful yet boring decision win. The fans which had given Tyson Fury such a rapturous welcome to the ring, let their disappointment be known with reams of boo’s surrounding the arena.

Thankfully a more exciting monster fight awaits. Frank Warren confirmed Deontay Wilder will defend his WBC world title against Fury.


Each fighter had their say after the fight:

“One thing I promise when I go to Las Vegas is, I’m knocking you the fuck out” said Tyson Fury whilst looking into the eyes of the champion

In return Deontay Wilder stated:

“There is one thing Tyson Fury has never had. He had many belts, but he has never had the WBC belt. And if he ever think about having this belt, he better wake up and apologise to me, because he will never have this. I can’t wait to fight you, but I am going to knock you out”


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