Debut Winner Barrie Mcrorie

Kynoch Promotions second lightweight debutant, Barrie Mcrorie made a successful start to his pro career. The boxing dinner show at the Crowne Plaza in Glasgow, (14/09/18) was the venue for Mcrorie’s shutout victory.

The fight which was contested at Super lightweight was a tricky debut for the Scotsman. Ricky Rose was a tall slickster who displayed plenty of tricks throughout. However the man from Wishaw would not be denied, and counteracted any success from the Englishman.

It was another slow start as Mcrorie felt his opponent out, behind a southpaw jab. After this early learning round, he pushed the pace, stalking his agile opponent. Rose had some success countering with long looping shots, behind plenty of lateral movement. However each time the debutant would respond, by forcing his opponent into a corner, and unleashing body shots. Both round two and three were close, but Mcrorie edged them with pressure.

The final round was totally controlled by the Kynoch Promotions fighter. He made an aggressive start, with combinations to the body, which had Rose gasping for air. He paid the price for his aggression, in catching a big right uppercut to the chin, inside. However he was otherwise in total control.

The final scorecards read

40-36 for the Winner Barrie Mcrorie.

There is a flourishing lightweight scene in Scotland, including Sean McKiddie, who also won his pro debut on the same show.

Surely a fight for the future.





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