Slow But Successful Start For Sean McKiddie

Light-weight Sean McKiddie made a successful start to his pro boxing career, winning every round of his pro debut. However the perfect point’s margin did not reflect a perfect performance.

The first round of the fight was particularly slow, as McKiddie looked to take no early risks against 65 fight veteran, Andy Harris. The Scotsman showed tremendous head movement to slip and slide the few shots that were coming his way. However, the opportunities created by this were not exploited, and very little action saw the crowd grow frustrated.

This was very much the tone of the next two rounds. The debutant was happy to pick his shots and take no risks.  In the final round the action heated up, as McKiddie pushed the pressure. Although this aggression won him the round, he did walk onto a big right hand. This was perhaps the punch of the night, and shortly after he violently threw Harris to the canvas in frustration.

I had Sean McKiddie winning every round as did the referee/judge who scored it 40-36.


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