New Scottish Champ Stefan Sanderson

It was Friday fight night at the Crowne Plaza in Glasgow as two Super-Welterweights fought for the Scottish title. And it was Stefan Sanderson who emerged victorious as the new Scottish champion.

It was a gruelling contest from start to finish between Paul Kean and Stefan Sanderson. As somewhat of an oddity, both fighters faced off against each other as southpaws. However, despite this reflective stance, there styles were entirely different.

From round one it was clear that Sanderson was the aggressor, charging forth with a bullish style. Kean on the other hand looked to box and move, and land sniper like shots from range. The opener was razor tight, but I went for style and accuracy over aggression for Paul Kean.

Sanderson charged out in round two, and put his opponent on the deck, in his own corner, with a big left hand. He bit down hard on his gum shield, and went for the finish but his opponent held, moved, and fought back to survive the round.

Round for round the fight was extremely close. However I had Kean ahead going into the last round. I felt that overall Kean had the classier more accurate boxing, with the cleaner shots landing each round. Sanderson on the other hand was ruthlessly aggressive in coming forward. However this was largely ineffective, as he was smothering his work and being clinched excessively by Kean.

The last round was brutal, which saw me walk away from ringside with a blood splattered shirt. Sanderson hunted Kean down, and had him holding on, and moving with a bloodied face. He landed a number of power shots which had his opponent clinging on. He returned the favour and tried to rally back at the end of the round. However it was too little too late, and the 29 year old took it.

On first viewing I had Dundonian Paul Kean winning by a large margin. On second viewing I had him winning by a mere point. The referee scored the fight 96-94 for the winner, and new Scottish champion, Stefan Sanderson.

This brings home the subjective nature of boxing, especially in fights scored by referees. There are no other judges to buffer a difference of opinion. But, forgetting the score, the fight was an incredible fight from start to finish. Each man showed tremendous heart, and the clash of styles made for an excellent back and forth.

The fight and rapturous atmosphere marked a successful launch of the re-branded Kynoch Boxing Promotions.



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