Callum Smith Wipes Out George Groves In 7

Callum Smith emerged as the winner of the Super Middleweight, World Boxing Super series, after destroying George Groves in the seventh round. He also snatched the WBA world title in the process.

Firstly I would like to talk about the host country for the WBSS finally. Saudi Arabia is among the most ruthless, cruel, in-equality ridden countries in the world, with vast, sickening, human rights abuses against its citizens. This was a shameless money grab by the tournament, and has nothing to do with bringing it to new audiences.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the fight itself. The extravagant gladiator like set up was, as always, a vision to behold. The two brits entered the rind to a crescendo of spotlights, lighting their way.

It was jab for jab in the opener as the Taller High-guarded Smith, looked to take the centre, against the low guarded, allusive Groves. It was a close round with Groves busier with the jab. However, Smith landed the stronger shots, including a number of stiff right hands.

In round two, the taller finalist was very patient in not expending any energy. This was in contrast to his opponent, who threw plenty of feints and jabs. Again Smith perhaps took a close round, due to landing the cleaner, more powerful shots.

In the third it looked like the WBA champion was having a good round, in landing a number of strong right hands. However, he was caught by the younger man, and was wobbled with a right hook to the temple, which had him in trouble. He managed to fight back and survive the round, despite a burst by the challenger to get the finish.

Groves showed that his head had cleared from being hurt in round three, by coming back into it, in the following two rounds. He varied his straight punches, jabbing and shooting the right hand to the head, and body. Smith was too patient and did not throw enough punches.

The sixth round saw both men exchanging more inside, with the 28 year old pushing the attack. The “saint” was momentarily hurt in the round, but landed his own power shots throughout.

Round seven had Groves rocked towards the ropes with a left hook. Smith poured on the pressure dropping him in his own corner. George Groves was unable to beat the count after the onslaught from Callum Smith.

Callum Smith is now the WBSS super middleweight champion, winning the WBA world title and the Muhammad Ali Trophy in the process. This was the defending champion’s fourth loss in world title fights. Which begs the question. Where does he go from here?



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