How to Spar For Beginners, Tip #1: Boxing

┬áStay Calm/Manage Your Emotions The very first thing you need to remember as you enter the ring to spar is to stay relaxed. Letting anxiety and emotion get the better of you can lead to two opposing paths, each very damaging. Being too fired up can make you overly aggressive - attacking when there is … Continue reading How to Spar For Beginners, Tip #1: Boxing


Connor Law Dominates In Points Win

Connor Law boxes a near perfect fight against durable Francis Tchoffo at the Meadowbank Sports Centre in Edinburgh. The classy performance shown live on Spike Tv is sure to breathe new levels of exposure into the young fighters career. The Scotsman used his vast height advantage to box long from a southpaw stance. A crisp … Continue reading Connor Law Dominates In Points Win

Jason Easton Destroys Szabo In 2

Edinburgh man Jason Easton stops Zoltan Szabo in round two for career best performance: "Yes by far the best, definitely┬áthe best performance of my career" Said Easton A furious pace was set from the opening round as the 25 year old took full advantage of his reach catching his opponent on the full extension of … Continue reading Jason Easton Destroys Szabo In 2

The best of sparring – Mosley vs Golovkin A glimpse into the world of world class sparring featuring legends of the game Shane Mosley and Gennady Golovkin.

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Kell Brook sparring against Liam Smith