Michael Venom Page Beats Rickels Into Verbal Submission

Crowd favourite Michael Venom Page makes his opponent quit after a brutally perfect performance. His opponent David Rickels brought some showmanship to his ring walk sporting grass skirt esq shorts with the name ‘Caveman’ imprinted. He bit the head off a fake snake and spit it out into the crowd. However this was the last … Continue reading Michael Venom Page Beats Rickels Into Verbal Submission


No Joke Choke From Aaron Chalmers

Reality TV star Aaron Chalmers earns another explosive first round finish despite an early scare. The 163lbs catch weight fight started cagey, with both men reluctant to engage. It was Griffiths the smaller fighter who took the initiative, driving his opponent to the canvas. Chalmers then found himself pressed against the cage and charged to … Continue reading No Joke Choke From Aaron Chalmers

Mike Shipman Steamrolls Carl Noon

Mike Shipman wastes no time in disposing with Carl Noon within seconds of round one. The six foot tall English Middleweight connected with the very first punch he threw to drop the 38 year old. A long right hook behind the ear did the damage and Noon was in trouble on his back. Shipman was … Continue reading Mike Shipman Steamrolls Carl Noon

Shock Doctor Gel Max: Boxing Review

Considering the risks, a proper mouth guard is imperative to a fighter. An ill fighting mouth guard can slip out a fighter’s mouth, increasing the risk of being dazed and knocked out. This can also lead to points being deducted if the guard keeps falling out such as when Andrew Selby lost in the Commonwealth … Continue reading Shock Doctor Gel Max: Boxing Review

How to Spar For Beginners, Tip #2: Boxing

2.  KEEP IT SIMPLE Not one style of fighting is the perfect style. A boxer may employ a low guard, high guard, shoulder roll, cross guard defence, peekaboo style, be a switch hitter, come forward fighter or a counter puncher. It really doesn’t matter, the only good style is an affective one. However at the … Continue reading How to Spar For Beginners, Tip #2: Boxing

Terence Crawfor Vs Errol Spence: A beautiful fantasy fight

A fight we all want to see, to settle who is the supreme Welterweight of the division. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESEyUD3_GC4     If you liked this, check out my page for the best sparring videos: https://kombatkaiser.com/boxing-videos/  

Callen McAulay Scores 1st Round TKO

Youngster Callen McAulay scores an impressive first round stoppage victory against debutant Lee Hallet, at the Paisley Lagoon Leisure Centre. It was evident from the ring entrance that the 19 year old had a large support as they let their voices be known in the crowd. McAulay did not let them down, as he started … Continue reading Callen McAulay Scores 1st Round TKO